Wedding at the castle

wedding at the castle
For a castle wedding celebration, different areas can be decorated with flowers to create a romantic and elegant atmosphere. Here is a list of some of the places you can decorate with flowers for your castle wedding celebration:
Entrance and stairs: The entrance gate, corridor and stairs can be decorated with wreaths, garlands or pillars with flower arrangements.
Ceremony Hall: For the ceremony, you can place a flower arch or flower wall behind the place where the vows are exchanged. Use flowers that match the theme of the wedding and match the overall design of the hall.
Guest tables: You can decorate the guest tables with floral centerpieces. Choose arrangements that are not too high so that guests can freely interact.
Wedding Cake: The cake table can be decorated with floral arrangements or flower decorations that match the theme of the wedding day.
Corridors and corners: Decorate the corridors and corners of the castle with small floral decorations, for example flower vases on window sills, tables or alcoves.
When choosing flower arrangements and decorations, it depends on your personal taste and style of the wedding. It is advisable to consult the options and ideas with a professional florist who can help you create the perfect flower arrangement for the wedding celebration at the castle.

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